This control panel manages Domain Registration, Partner, Reseller, and Web Hosting accounts for Webmasters.com customers.

To manage a Web Hosting account, please enter your hosting account user name and password in the "Web Hosting Login" section.

To manage a Master Domain Registration account or any individual domain registration record, please enter your domain name or domain registration account user name and password in the "Domain Registration Login" section. There are two types of logins used to access your domain control panel, the Master Account login, and the Domain login. The Master Account is accessed by entering your domain registration account user name and domain registration account password, and is used for managing all of your domains from a single login. The Domain login is accessed by entering the domain name to manage instead of the domain registration account user name, and the individual password you assigned to that domain. This type of login is used to manage a single domain only, without having access to any other domain in a Master Account. You can use it to give 3rd parties such as web designers access to basic domain management functions of a single domain without allowing them to transfer ownership of the domain into another account or granting access to other domains which they are not in charge of managing.

To manage a Partner or Reseller account, please enter your partner or reseller account user name and password in the "Partner/Resellet Login" section.

 * Please note, you must have a separate User Name and Password for each type of account above.

  1. JavaScript is disabled. JavaScript is a language that powers many essential functions required for use of this application. Please make sure to enable JavaScript on your web browser.
  2. Cookies are being blocked. Security settings on your browser or firewall may block cookies from being set. Cookies are small text files stored on your hard drive that can be retrieved at a later time for identification purposes. Please update your browser security (security must be set to medium or low on most browsers to accept cookies) or firewall settings to accept cookies. Common antivirus / firewall programs such as Norton have a setting to accept or deny cookies.
  3. Incorrect user name or password. If you get an "Invalid user name" or "Invalid Password" error when accessing the main control panel, please try logging in again to insure all input was entered correctly. If subsequent attempts also fail, please click here to retrieve your user name and password. For login errors when accessing any individual feature, please try these steps.
  4. Exiting Without Logging Out. If you have previously exited the control panel without clicking on the "Logout" button, your computer may store a persistent cookie for up to 24 hours with information from your previous session. A solution would be to clear your cookies, and make sure to always use the "Logout" button going forward when ending your session.
  5. Pop-up windows are being blocked. You are either using a firewall or special browsing software such as the Google Toolbar which may not display pop-up windows. This utility requires that the main browser window be able to open child windows for loading various control panel modules. Please adjust your firewall settings to allow pop-ups or disable any pop-up blocking software.
  6. Hardware or memory failure. Please reboot your computer to reload the operating system, and clear the memory.
  7. No Internet connection. Please try to access other websites to make sure Internet connection was not lost.

It is possible to not have to disable your current browser security settings as directed above by installing another web browser to be used only for accessing this application. The most comparable web browser to Microsoft's Internet Explorer is Netscape. For a free download of the latest version of Netscape, click here.

If you have problems accessing individual features with an "Invalid User Name" error, please try the following steps:

  1. Click on "Logout".
  2. Close the main control panel browser window.
  3. Open a brand new browser window, and access the control panel.
  4. Log in again.
  5. Uncheck the "Disable Popup Windows" box.
  6. Click on the appropriate icon to access any desired feature.
  7. When finished, make sure to click on "Logout" in whatever feature you were in.

Still unable to log in? Please click here to contact our support team.

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